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Live race direction

Discussion in '24h Series' started by Robert Engel, Jun 13, 2017.

  1. Robert Engel

    Robert Engel New Member


    We talked about the possibility of live stewards in the next races.
    I got some ideas about that.

    If the drivers and teams are ok with that, i would like to do the job of a head steward.
    I´ve made a design of new rules.
    In the background i will try to find out, what is technically possible to do this job.
    I would like to have a test race over 2 hours, with the new rules and me as steward.
    Just to see if it works and to check if it´s really possible to have a live race direction.
    You could help with a lot of cars.

    I don´t want to be just steward, i also want to drive in our races.
    That means i will need a team of stewards.
    The race direction needs members from different teams anyway.
    Just to prevent doubts and complaints.
    It´s necessary to stay objective.
    It doesn´t matter if you like the driver or not. The reported fail is important.
    If we decide to install a race direction with me as head, I would like to invite some members to be part of the race direction.
    Don´t worry.
    If we got enough members it doesn´t cost too much time.
    There should be little trainings und discussions in this team to be sure that all the members decide nearly in the same way.

    Why do i want this?
    I want this races to grow and the drivers to be satisfied.

    But never forget:
    We´re all humans and everyone can make a mistake.
    Even a race direction wants you to have fun.
    I don´t want to be the bad boy which no one likes because he´s giving out penalties.
    I just want that less people here are frustrated after our races.

    Here is my design of the rules:

    5 Penalty summary

    5.3 Code of conduct ( depending on severity)
    5.3.1 The organizers and/or stewards will decide about the penalty for each case individually.
    Following penalties are possible:

    - warning ( 1 Point)
    - strict warning ( 2 Points)
    - drive through
    - stop and go
    - DQ

    5.3.2 warning points:
    A car is allowed to recieve a maximum of 3 warning points.
    If a car recieves one normal warning and one strict warning, nothing will happen.
    In case of 4 or more points, the stewards will decide of a reasonable penalty.
    Possible penaltys are a drive through or stop and go penalty.
    If a team has been penalized for 4 or more points the amount of points is set back to zero.

    5.3.2 Report of incidents:
    To report an incident the teams need to use the race direction TS-channel.
    The team member which want´s to report an incident has to join the waiting room
    and will be moved in by the stewards.
    For each incident it´s allowed to send only one team member to report it.
    If there are more team members in the waiting room to report or discuss the same incident it can be penalized.
    Unrespectful behavior in the race direction channel can be penalized.
    Bad behaviour in Teamspeak or on the track like frequent cutting etc. can also be reported and could be penalized.

    5.3.3 Complaints:
    If you recieve a penalty, you got the chance to complain about it one time for each penalty.
    The team will be informed over Teamspeak.
    When there´s no complaint the penalty will be set after 2 Minutes.

    5.3.4 Investigation informations:
    If there is an investigation, the affected teams will be informed.
    Also the teams will be informed about the decision.

    5.3.5 Driver change:
    A driver change does not prevent a penalization.
    In case of a late decision the next driver will be penalized.

    5.3.6 Open investigations at the end of the race:
    A car can be penalized after the race has finished.
    In this case the car will recieve a time penalty which could affect the result of the race
    or the responsible driver ( or team mate ) has to start in the back of the grid of the next race.

    5.3.7 Involved drivers:
    The race direction can move to a teams channel or move the driver to the race direction channel
    to ask the driver about the reported incident
    It could be an advantage to name an english or german speaking team leader for investigation,
    complaints and informations to not disturb the driver.

    Please give some reply.
    It´s to make our races here more fun and more professional for everyone.

    Last edited: Jun 14, 2017
  2. David Tepper

    David Tepper New Member

    I agree whit that. But some small or new teams maybe havn't two drivers in the ts all the time. What will happen if the driver is alone? Wait till an other driver joins or disturb the driver in car?
    Just points to discuss.
  3. Robert Engel

    Robert Engel New Member

    I think then you need to disturb him.
    I think most of the time there will be two or more guys in the channel.
    But it´s better to disturb him and ask what happenend then to give a penalty without informations or chance to complain about it.
  4. Stephan Kern

    Stephan Kern New Member

    I do not think that it is a good idea. It will be much work, and the discussions will happen anyway.
    I rememmber other Events ( I think it was 24H at SRD) where there was a driver briefing before the
    race in the TS, when all rules were made clear again to all participants.
    And when things happened during the race there was also communication from the
    "race official" to all teams via TS. In Addition you had to qualify in a race beforce
    the main event. I do not remember the exact procedure but you hat to race a certain amount of clean
    laps to proof that you are able to drive clean and fair.
    For me, the driver briefings before the races seemed to be a good idea, on me, it made
    an impression of seriousness, and you were more connected with the other drivers
    because everyone could talk, ask questions etc. For me, I felt closer to
    the other teams and their was a quite professional spirit concerning the driving style
    and how issues were handled. I liked that. And I think it would work again.
    More communication between Race Organisation and Teams together in TS.
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  5. Taner Selvi

    Taner Selvi New Member

    It should be start somewhere. So, the basic seems ok. Whenever you feel something strugles on the rule, you renew it. But, it is ok to start. Details may get shaped by the time up to the needs.
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  6. Jan Studenski

    Jan Studenski Member

    I think there is need for many more rules, also what penalties to give

    This is not necessary normally - cause normally the investigation is against Car #XY, no matter who was driving.

    As long as its held short - he should quickly tell his point of view nothing more - no discussion

    What I imagine:
    • There was an incident - Team X wants to report it - they have 1 representative available to report in
    • There are 2 channels in Teamspeak - 1st "Waiting room", 2nd "Discussion" [Right protected so nonstewards cant just get in, but Stewards can move people in] - Stewards would normally be in "waiting room" until they have "work"
    • So 'representative of Team X' goes into channel "Waiting room" and reports the incident - if Stewards are not in that channel, needs to wait until they're back
    • 'Representative of Team X' needs to bring along the when it happend (how I don't know) and who is involved (car number & driver)
    • 'Representative of Team X' gets out of the channel again
    • After hearing Team X Point of view, they drag in representative of Team Y and tell him that the driver involved should make a statement of what happend according to him
    • 'Representative of Team Y' (or better would be 'Driver involved of Team Y') would quickly tell his point of view on the incident and then gets moved back to his team channel
    • All Live Stewards take into account what was said and what they see on the replay and decide on it
    • If necessary ingame admin needs to apply live penalty
    • The incident, discussion for it and the penalty should be logged, ie. in a thread next to the race in form of a post
    • Live Stewards go back into waiting room when finished and wait or do next customer
    There are 3 problems I see:
    1. Replay - mhhh Im not sure how far back you can go - I assume you must stay on the server as live steward
    2. Applying the penalties live - I assume you need the server admin for that - so he must be available to do that
    3. If a driver wants to report something but atm no one of his team is here [shitty solution: bad luck if your team is not supporting you]
    I wouldnt allow this, just increases work
    After the race to improve Stewards - yes, but not during the race

    It would make most sense to enforce English as the language you must be able to speak. The forum is in English, most drivers can speak English. And even bad English is in most cases good enough to explain ... even if it takes a bit longer.
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2017
  7. Robert Engel

    Robert Engel New Member

    Agree. The rules in my first post are just the first ideas to think about.
    But i think it could be better to make an internal plan for the stewards.
    No need to place it in the rules.

    That was just to make it clear.

    1 + 2 : It's planned to stay on the server as admin the whole time. I got a second account and PCs for things like that.
    So i got the whole replay and could add or remove penalties or give FCY.

    Think we have to try this out.
    But you're right. Could be too much when there's only one steward.

    To learn english just for our races is too much in my opinion.
    Should be enough if one representative per car is speaking german
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