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Discussion in 'Race Information' started by Simon Christmann, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. Mohammed El Gueriri

    Mohammed El Gueriri New Member

    I watched the video and felt I had to react.

    The Imola highlight video is seriously the worst racing I have ever seen since.......ever! It's ALMOST enough to make a weekly iRacing highlights video really.

    My advice to One Target and/or Martin Fuhrmann, from a "slow" LMP2 endurance racer: please stop with multiplayer endurance racing. Do hotlaps only on an empty track with no other cars on it or go find another hobby man. This video clearly shows you don't have any respect for any driver on the track whatsoever. Those overtakes on GTE's are really really bad, you don't leave any room whatsoever for the other cars, while there's enough room on track? Why? Why? Why? If I was driving a GTE and an LMP2 was overtaking me like, I really don't know what I'd do.

    I also race in VEC (and you too of course) and I'm sure these incidents would mean multiple race bans/disqualification or whatever.

    I know you'll react to this post telling it's not true and conditions were diffiicult etc, but please I advice you watch the video and do some self reflection.

    And to repeat in your own words: Ich empfehle ein Kompetenztraining!.......or an eye check up.

    @Oliver Zimmermann: thank you that you took your time to make this video!!!!!!! Vielen dank!!!!!

    EDIT: removed the link to the Sao Paulo race as I didn't see that correctly.
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  2. Sascha Glatter

    Sascha Glatter New Member

    Alter seid ihr schlecht:D
  3. Sebastian Pfeiffer

    Sebastian Pfeiffer Active Member

    I wanna make a quick shoutout to everyone in the GTE class... how the whole field handled the start crash was quite astonishing! I think no cars except the 3 directly involved (unfortunately one of our cars) got harmed... could have been half the field or even more though! :eek:


    And aswell a shoutout to the Falcon Team. The progress in the last 2 months not only in the LMS but in general is very noticable!

    Nice to have the third race in a row, where we could battle Blackhawk basically through the whole race. P1Gaming will have to start paying us back for putting on such a good show soon, if it's to continue like this. :D:p
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