[Mar 10, 2018] 1h Testrace Road America (Elkhart Lake, WI)

Discussion in 'Race Information' started by Simon Christmann, Feb 20, 2018.

1h Testrace Road America
Posted By Simon Christmann

Elkhart Lake
Elkhart Lake, WI, USA
Saturday, March 10, 2018 - 01:00 PM
(ends Saturday, March 10, 2018 - 03:00 PM)
Timezone: Europe/Amsterdam

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  1. Simon Christmann

    Simon Christmann Administrator Staff Member P1 gaming e.V.


    Date: 10th March 2018
    Track: Road America
    12:00 UTC/GMT - 50min
    Warm-Up: 12:50 UTC/GMT - 10min
    Race Start: 13:00 UTC/GMT - 6 hours
    Race Finish: 14:00 UTC/GMT
    Time scale: 1x
    Server time at race start: 13:00
    Server time at race finish: 14:00
    Real time with 100% chance of rain

    Downloads: via Workshop (P1 24h Series, you need to be a friend of p1-gaming e.V. to be able to see the workshop item) or here for non steam

    Servername: P1 Road America Raceserver
    Password: ElkhartLake


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  2. That was my 2nd testrace...

    Quite useless afterwards due to lack of participants anyways though. Test races only work if server is somewhere near as full as in 6h race.
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  3. Simon Christmann

    Simon Christmann Administrator Staff Member P1 gaming e.V.

    Added result and replay.
  4. Adam Karkuszewski

    Adam Karkuszewski Active Member P1 gaming e.V.

    Because the date is fucked up. Yesterday was for example 8h vec on silver and 12h sebring. What do you expect ? The best/fastest drivers where THERE. Not on P1... If the test race would be today... Thats a different story
  5. It's clear that not everybody has time to attend all test races. But there are over 130 signed up drivers! In all three test races only 70 cars in total participated. Thats roughly only half the field.

    Yesterday after a few laps there were only 3 Touring cars running, 2 of which were from our tourer.

    Three test races is all the participants can hope for from the orga team, but with only half the cars of the main race on track there is not much Information that can be drawn from these test races...

    Drivers discuss about teams taking up too many spots on entry list but somehow nobody shows up for producing Information for the orga...
  6. Adam Karkuszewski

    Adam Karkuszewski Active Member P1 gaming e.V.

    Again, thr problem is the DATE.
  7. Ivor Thomas

    Ivor Thomas Member

    The time is an issue for me, I can make an exception for the proper race, but I have two elderly parents I have to visit and look after in the day time, plus there have been a few issues with the track / car.
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