P1 24h Le Mans 2020 General - Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'General Information' started by Markus Broch, Mar 21, 2020.

  1. Georgi Nedev

    Georgi Nedev Member

    Will there be extra time added to total race time to compensate for formation lap?
  2. Sebastian Pfeiffer

    Sebastian Pfeiffer Active Member

    rF2 sometimes has a mind of its own regarding what it does with the weather data. Can be raining hard (at least for a short time), even if it is only 10% probabilty for rain. ;)

    The good thing is: The info, one can get from the site, is wrong for everyone then. ;)
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  3. Simon Christmann

    Simon Christmann Administrator Staff Member P1 gaming e.V.

    Admin Post
    We would like to but the maximum race time is limited to 24h.
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  4. Robert Worm

    Robert Worm New Member

    So still no starting grid?
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  5. David OReilly

    David OReilly Well-Known Member

    And I thought it was only the British that complain about the weather!
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  6. Helge Foerstner

    Helge Foerstner New Member

    There is no wrong weather, just wrong tire choice :D
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  7. Helge Foerstner

    Helge Foerstner New Member

    Regarding orange zones: Turns 8 (Tertre Rouge) and 27 (Carting/"Corvette") are not covered but are the worst single-lane corners of the track with no real chance of passing without a fatal crash at worst or at least cut penalties and severe time loss. So please be gentle there!
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  8. David OReilly

    David OReilly Well-Known Member

    To some people the glass is half full,
    To others its half empty.
    To an engineer the glass is the wrong size.

    That said, Good luck all teams and drivers in our 24 hour odyssey.
  9. David OReilly

    David OReilly Well-Known Member

    Thank you to the organisers and all teams and drivers for this event.
    We like many suffered our share of technical issues including cpu overload and dropping out of real time requiring early driver changes. My stints on Saturday were cancelled for that reason. My team VMADS helped me with some settings tweaks and on Sunday I was able to run 5 stints from 7 am to the finish with a break of 1 stint.
    It was a good morning of driving especially after the frustration of Saturday.
    Driving standards of lapping LMP2 cars were high, as was the faster GTE cars.
    Thankyou to all who made this happen.
  10. James Lyke

    James Lyke Active Member

    I dont see any issues with the weather, the forcast was for a dry race but on race day that changed and the forcast changed to rain. i did all 6 of my stints in the wet which was a challenge but also good fun! for me the changing weather makes it all more realistic and thats what we are all after. The fact we have live weather gives us the chance to also see ahead and prepare if rain is forcast and if not we get tested with the sudden change in conditions.
  11. Michael Herrwerth

    Michael Herrwerth New Member

    Oh what an weekend.
    First i wanna send a big thanks to the organizers for this race. Its always challenging to create an event like this.
    In the end it was a little bit frustrating for our team to end up at last place at the end of the race. But whoever it was, he thought he should use "murphy´s law" direct on team 27.
    Ok, just joking. In fact we struggle with mean technical problems in the early phase of the race. I tried to rejoin after an hard impact into the wall, but it was not possible for some reason. [Again a big sorry to Mr. Zeitlinger..... I try to never stand in your way.. ;-)]
    Our "luck" was the red flag . That gave us the opportunity to race again. Ok, we were many many laps behind the field, but for me "give up" is not an option.
    If you start the race, finish it. So we did.
    And by the way. I saw a lot of "gentlemen style" on the track. Ok, some LMPs overtook hard in the Porsche-Curves, but always with enough space to survive. ;-) And he, in fact there are a little bit faster then the good old 911.... ;-)
    Thanks again to my teammates Rene, Gerhard and Stefan and all the others.
  12. Moriz Mehl

    Moriz Mehl New Member

    Ich möchte mich an dieser Stelle im Namen von beiden GOTeam Autos bei allen, die an diesem Event beteiligt waren, bedanken. Auf der Strecke wurde stets mit Respekt und Übersicht gefahren. Gratulation an beide Podien! Die Organisation sowie die Abwicklung des Rennens waren wie gewohnt ausgezeichnet. Und ganz besonders ziehe ich den Hut vor eurem Stream, professionell und doch immer wieder extrem lustig, es macht einfach Spaß zuzuhören. Wir freuen uns schon auf den nächsten 24er von P1 Gaming.
    On behalf of both GOTeam cars I want to say thank you to all involved in this great event. On track all drivers exhibited respect and good racing awareness. Congratulations to both podiums! We are looking forward to the next 24h on P1 Gaming.
  13. Markus Broch

    Markus Broch Administrator Staff Member P1 gaming e.V.

    Admin Post
    we love to entertain you:D:D:D
  14. Ich bin grad am Screenshot machen für nen Postrace Report. Replay 1 und 2 funktionieren tadellos, aber bei Replay 3 crasht es direkt in den Launcher.
    Funktioniert das nur bei mir nicht?
  15. Matthias Weber

    Matthias Weber Member P1 gaming e.V.

    Jap, gleiche bei mir auch. Replay Datei scheint mir auch extrem groß zu sein (keine Server replay?!)
    Habt ihr bei P1 noch ne alternative Replay Datei?
  16. Simon Christmann

    Simon Christmann Administrator Staff Member P1 gaming e.V.

    Admin Post
    This is the server replay ;)
  17. Gabor Fodor

    Gabor Fodor Member

    Hi guys !
    I'd like to report some interesting (annoying) issues, that happened to us in the race.

    From the very beginning (I was the starter of the team) my car was way slower than it should've been. During testing, qualy or warmup, my topspeed was about 325-328 kmh. But in the race, I had the only 315 , later 308-310.
    My testing laptimes were solid 3:31s, even 3:30s on fresh tyres. But with the mystery 'speedbug' I had, I could only manage 3:34, 3:35, on my second stint in the night: 3:39s. Interestingly enough, one of my teammates had the same issue, the others didn't...
    For sure, I had the setup loaded, and the engine map adjusted the same way (4-qualy mod) as always.
    When I finished my stint and did the driver swap, I went to the practice server and immediately set a 3:31 lap.....

    We were searching for the possible reasons why did this happen, but couldn't succeed.
    Such issue has never happened to me, since I'm using rF2 (over 5 years)....

    Please help if you have any idea, or/and send this little report to the Studio guys in order to solve this if possible.

  18. Matthias Weber

    Matthias Weber Member P1 gaming e.V.

    Just want to say: BIG Thank you for the event!!!!
    Restarts were very good organized, so nothing to complain about.
    Only one thing: First time you called out a Code 80 - with pitlimiter only 60kph // Second tme you called a full curse yellow, but you also meant code60, but FCY is without speed limit. (Sadly Jesus Sanchez had a big accident because of that unclear communication)
    So only thing, but we had a heartbreak final in the last 10 Minutes, amazing Racing against our Mates from Vortex Motorsports!

    See you in the next one!
  19. Marco Saupe

    Marco Saupe New Member

    Are you sure you selected the LeMans Aero package every time you joined? I'm not sure, but I think I heard some people had issues with that.
  20. Adam Helyes

    Adam Helyes Active Member P1 gaming e.V.

    Every member of the team had a problem with this. And after the last driver swap, the speed is fixed. We didn’t repair the car, it was a simple driver swap.
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