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Discussion in 'Race Information' started by Markus Broch, Jul 31, 2022.

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  1. Markus Broch

    Markus Broch Administrator Staff Member P1 gaming e.V.

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    Discuss any race-specific topics here (or open your own thread).
  2. David Tepper

    David Tepper Active Member

    Sadly both SLRT Cars #555 and #556 will Not Take Part in Nola.
  3. Stanislas Pajaud

    Stanislas Pajaud New Member

    I have a suggestion about the pitlane entrance: Why not use the other pitlane entrance on the outside that all the NOLA tracks use except the Indycar track because I find the Indycar one more accident prone between the cars that stay on track and those that come in. The outside entrance is also less narrow and more open for the corner that leads to the pitboxes.
  4. Mark Sauerbier

    Mark Sauerbier New Member

    Das Team #90 Gran Tuccini Racing kann am kommenden Nola-Event leider nicht teilnehmen.
  5. Alex Trayhorn

    Alex Trayhorn New Member

    Hello can someone help me create a sub channel for GOTeam racing please? in teamspeak
  6. Adrian Blasco

    Adrian Blasco Member

    Well, it was over before it started, the first race in this championship and we couldn't qualify or run.

    When we went from practice to classification the server threw us, when we re-entered the session it was closed, ok we came out last, it let us enter the warmup and everything was perfect, we went back to the race and the server threw us again and session again closed and we can no longer run... it's a real shame to spend time so that these things happen later, if the session had been restarted and waited until we were all solved, or leave the session open to be able to re-enter and even leave from the pit... see you at spa...
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  7. David Vanmullem

    David Vanmullem New Member

    A good day for ABRT #5 LMP2, with a great result with this podium. About my race, I got some trouble with my Track IR during my second stint, I had to stop the car on track to stop the software. It cost us a lot of time but fortunately, my mates did a great job to to recover the position ! See you at Spa :)
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  8. Bence Szabo

    Bence Szabo Member P1 gaming e.V.

    Is there any explanation why four people - including me - got randomly disconnected ca. 20-25 mins before the end of the race?
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  9. Mario Tump

    Mario Tump Member

    One of our cars were included in this DC aswell. Geographically you were connected from Hungary or do you live in Germany? All other cars who got a DC were from Germany...Without a "Trace File" from rf2, there is only guessing what has happened. Maybe the Server File can show something... I got a random DC in the practice Session tuesday this week and i was the only driver who got a DC. 5 other cars who were also on the Server didn't get a DC. I don't have a tracefile from tuesday.

    Unfortunately this is the same behaviour like the last 4 Races. Random DC of drivers. If i have to guess, something is wrong with the Server, because this is only happening at P1-Gaming recently. These amount of mass DC are definetly not normal...

    Cheers Mario
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  10. Bence Szabo

    Bence Szabo Member P1 gaming e.V.

    I live in Germany. My teammate told me, - who lives in Hungary btw - that Friday night the same thing happened, some people got DC as well.

    This problem is ongoing since the Daytona 24h. We are not a top team, but we lost positions after the red flag at Le Mans and yesterday as well, so its getting a little bit frustrating.
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  11. Nico Maimo

    Nico Maimo Member

    A little summary of NOLA for Liberty Racing.

    Qualification almost in our respective best times both for Jacques in the 246 as for me in the 146 but you guys are really too strong because we will start at the back of the grid.

    I can't talk too much about the 246 car for what happened to them in the race, they told me they had been hit by a blue LMP1, otherwise everything went normally for them.

    For my wife Eva and me in the 146 it was a bit hectic.
    I will take the start and empty 2 tanks without any worries except for a little collision with Paulo Reis because we fought a little but like gentlemen.

    For her first stint Eva will be flawless, her pace was correct and her traffic management went well. On the other hand, at the very start of his second stint, a blue LMP1, well, well, again, it will crash into our Aston and force us to return to the pits to repair because the steering wheel was bent at 45 degrees.

    Following this Eva will suffer a disconnection causing us to waste a lot of time. The poor thing will have had a funny baptism in endurance racing, but apart from that she won't make any mistakes, which makes me very proud of her because all those hours spent to get her up to speed won't have were in vain.

    I will then get back behind the wheel to go to the finish with the aim of passing my friends in the 246 who were more than a lap ahead of us. It will take me more than an hour, whipping like in a sprint, but once I have passed them, I will in turn have a disconnection at 20-25 min to the end, and therefore all my efforts will have been for nothing in the end.

    So we finish penultimate of the rollers just behind our friends from La Orange.

    About the disconnections as I read the messages above I want to point out that my wife and I live in Spain 100km south of Barcelona, Eva had a lot of disconnections during training on the Dry server, in general she emptied a full and after refueling she was ejected after a few laps, this concern was recurring. For my part, it's the first time that I lost the connection in one of the P1 Gaming races, not to mention when the server crashes like in Istanbul or Le Mans, but that's different.

    Here, I thank the organizers as well as all the other competitors without whom the show would not take place, see you in Spa next month, bye
  12. It was discussed prior to this race weekend, that the race dirctor would try out a closed qualifieng session, in order to prevent "join lag´s" which where a common accurence on previos race weekends. We (hansa racing) had also a problem during quali, which forced us to leave the server and therefor we where unable to attend aswell. But because it was comunicated before, we knew the deal.
    About the race start, that is sadly a way how rfactor itself is constructed. They can´t join new vehicles after the switch to the race session. So if you crash during the switch from warm up to race, it´s unfortunatly an dnf. I know that it suck´s quite a lot, but you can not jump back into warm up every time a car fails to make it onto the race server, as unfortunate as it is. Because, if you do it once for one, you have to do it allways for everyone. And then it can consume a lot of time. When there is a bigger crash and multiple cars go missing, then it is a different story.
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