24h Rules

  1. Basic requirements
    1. By participating in this league every team and driver confirms that he has understood and accepted the rules
    2. If you have not understood every rule, please make sure to post your questions on the forum
    3. Every driver must use his real name in the forum and in rFactor2. Make sure the first letter of your first name and last name is in capital letters e.g. Max Racer. Do not use special characters like ä, ö, ü etc.
      1. In game name and name in the entrylist need to be 1:1 identical to avoid trouble during the event. This means no extra blanks between your name or at the end.
    4. Every driver must be on the P1-gaming e.V. TeamSpeak server while he is driving an official session (Qualification and Race)
    5. Every driver has to use a wired connection (WLAN causes lag) and has to make sure his ping is stable and below 200ms
    6. You must not share any content or passwords used on p1-gaming e.V.
    7. See penalty summary for possible penalties
  2. Code of Conduct
    1. All drivers have to be respectful with each other (no insults, racism etc.) in the forum, on the track, on TeamSpeak as well as in the live stream
    2. All attempts to gain an unfair advantage e.g. using a bug (without reporting it to the staff), cheating etc. will be penalised
    3. See penalty summary for possible penalties
  3. General rules
    1. Official sessions will not be delayed due to technical problems on client side. Make sure your system is running fine before an official session
    2. If a briefing is announced for an official session, at least one team member has to take part to be able to inform the rest of his team
    3. Horn usage is not allowed.
    4. Do not use in game chat
    5. After a race the Top3 teams of each class will be interviewed. Make sure at least one of your drivers is available.
    6. See penalty summary for possible penalties
  4. Sign Ups
    1. Car numbers with a leading zero are not allowed. (E.g. 1 is ok, 01 will be not allowed.) If we find a car with a leading zero in the number in the entrylist the car will be removed.
  5. Spectators
    1. It is not allowed to be permantly as spectator on the server. Only Exceptions are stream user and race stewards.
    2. It is allowed to join the server ~5 min before a driver swap. The second driver has to leave the server after the new driver leaves the pits.
  6. Ontrack behaviour
    1. Cutting
      1. The track is defined by the white lines on each side
      2. You are allowed to cross the white lines with two wheels
      3. Crossing the white line with more than two wheels is deemed an infraction
      4. Exceptions for this rule will be published in the respective event thread
    2. Qualifying
      1. (Nordschleife only) Qualifying will be run in on session with all cars. After this session will be a second session for reserved for a Top 10 qualifying
      2. The Qualifying will be spilt into two part in one session. The first 25min are reserved for GTE and LMP3 and the second 20min for the LMP2
      3. You have to run sufficient engine cooling. Smoking engines will not be tolerated
      4. Pressing ESC will be allowed. Your previously set laptimes will remain valid.
      5. Cars on a fast lap always have the right of way compared to cars on an in- or outlap.
      6. Make sure to not imped any driver when you are on an in- or out lap.
      7. Each driver is responsible to find a sufficient gap in qualifying without impeding other cars
      8. Each driver has to respect the white lines on pit entry and pit exit
    3. Warm-Up
      1. It is allowed to set a laptime in the warm-up session
    4. Formation Lap
      1. You have to drive with caution on the formation lap. Excessive weaving and braking is not allowed
    5. Pitting
      1. Each driver has to respect the white lines on pit entry and pit exit
      2. The car in the fast lane in the pitlane has always the right of way
      3. You have to stay in the fast lane of the pitlane until you reach your pit box
      4. You are not allowed to drive in the slow lane of the pitlane for an unnecessary long distance
    6. Race Restart (in case of server crash)
      1. In case of a server crash the last driver needs to drive the restart (scripts will be automically created based on entrylist)
      2. Standings from the lap before the server crash will be applied to the field (works only is ingame name is equal to name in entrylist)
      3. Lap count from the lap before the server crash will be applied to the field (works only is ingame name is equal to name in entrylist)
      4. After the formation lap the race will not start, teams will have a chance to perform a driver swap
      5. The leader is responsible for a constant and predicable pace of 100-120kmh
      6. The race starts when the leader finishs the first lap after the restart
    7. Overtaking
      1. Overtaking means going past someone, not through them. Drivers are not allowed to push cars out of the way in order to overtake them. Though contact may not always be avoidable, it may not act as a means to make the pass.
      2. A driver can only attempt a pass when there is room for it and when the chance is reasonably high that it becomes successful without heavy contact. On road courses this means that the overtaking car must be able to get a significant overlap** with the defending car before they get to the point of turn-in for a corner. On ovals any bit of overlap is enough to claim space.
      3. The defending driver is allowed to defend his position by changing lines once per straight. As soon as the overtaking car has overlap on the straight the defending driver can only use the width of the track between the overtaking car on the one side and the track boundary on the other side to move in, without applying physical force to widen it. Retaking the racing line for a corner is not classed as making a defensive move, provided it is done safety and does not contravene other racing rules.
    8. Lapping
      1. Cars in a slower class always have to stick on the racing line and are not allowed to slow down or go off the racing line when being lapped by cars from a faster class
      2. If a car receives a blue flag while being lapped by a car in the same class, the lapped car has to make way for the faster car as quickly as possible
    9. Safety Car and Yellow Falgs
      1. Local yellow flags will be displayed by rFactor2 we highly recommend to keep your eyes open in case of a local yellow flag
      2. If a full course yellow (Safety Car) is called, you will receive a voice message in teamspeak from the race control.
      3. As soon as a full course yellow (Safety Car) is called you have to lift off and reduce your speed gradually (no heavy braking)
      4. As soon as a full course yellow (Safety Car) is called overtaking is not allowed!
      5. As for the formation lap heavy braking an weaving is not allowed during a full course yellow
      6. You will be informed one lap in advance by rFactor 2 when the Satety Car will be in
      7. All drivers have to make sure the field is close together before the restart
      8. All drivers have to stay in single file
      9. As soon as the Safety Car goes in the leader takes over
      10. The leader has to keep the speed below 120kph until rFactor2 restarts the race "Green! Green! Green!"
    10. Incidents, crashes etc.
      1. A driver who left the track due to an incident or spin has to make sure he rejoins the track in a save way without impeeding other drivery
      2. If a team has a heavily damaged car, they should inform race control, so other drivers can be warned
    11. See penalty summary for possible penalties
      1. Lap penalties
      2. Time penalties
      3. DQs
  7. Penalty summary
    1. Basic requirements
      1. Sharing password and/or content (cars, tracks) used in this league can be penalized with a warning up to a ban depending on the individual case
      2. Failure to comply with one of the other basic requirements will lead to an official warning
    2. General rules
      1. There will be a live race control. Main job of the race control will be noting reported incidents and removing to harsh game penalties (f.g. several penalties for a cut) when contacted from a team
      2. Incidents against a car in an other class will result in the double penalty
      3. Breaching a general rule except for technical issues will be penalised with an official warning
    3. Code of conduct (depending on severity)
      1. The organizers and/or stewards will decide about the penalty for each case individually. Following penalties are possible:
      2. There will be time or lap penalties at the end of the race.
      3. Race ban for a team or driver
      4. Lifetime ban for a team or driver
    4. Ontrack behaviour
      1. Cutting
        1. If a team has more than 5% cuts in a race it will loose two points plus an extra point for each percent over 5% e.g. 10% cuts result in a time or lap penalty
        2. Use of short cuts e.g. going straight through without slowing down a chicane will be deemed as unsporting (see code of conduct)
      2. Qualifying
      3. Warm-Up
      4. Formation Lap
      5. Pitting
      6. Lapping
      7. Safety Car and Yellow Flags
      8. Incidents, crashes etc.
      9. Using chat results in a drive through penalty for each line

** "Significant overlap" is defined as the attacking car having any portion of it's front wheels in-line with any portion of the defending car's rear wheels. Any less than this, and the defending car will not be obliged to leave room.
Nov 18, 2015
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